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Are You a Church Planter in the Making

Most potential church planters struggle with the question, “Could I really be an effective church planter?” Actually, this is a question that should receive strong consideration. You may have spiritual gifts that you are not fully aware of, gifts that are especially suited to effectively starting a new church. Do you have what it takes to be a successful church planter?


Take this short self-assessment and find out!

I am good at sharing my ideas with others and encouraging them to join me in them:

  1. Most of the Time.
  2. Some of the Time.
  3. Rarely.
  4. I am most effective when I am assisting someone with their ideas.

When new people start coming to my church:

  1. I try to encourage others to invite them to a small group meeting.
  2. I personally invite them.
  3. I usually let them visit a few times before inviting them to my home.
  4. I simply allow them to build relationships on their own.

I usually complete tasks:

  1. Without having to be reminded.
  2. Just before the deadline.
  3. With a gentle reminder from an associate or someone supervising me.
  4. After the deadline.

I am currently pursuing:

  1. Multiple relationships with non-Christian people for the purpose of loving them and leading them to Christ..
  2. A relationship with a non-Christian for the purpose of loving him/her and leading them to Christ.
  3. Plans to initiate relationships with non-Christians for the purpose of loving them and leading them to Christ.
  4. No relationship with a non-Christian for the purpose of loving them and leading them to Christ.

I function best when:

  1. I can hang out with people who do not yet know Jesus.
  2. I am relating to new Christians.
  3. I can spend much of my time building relationships with Christians.
  4. I am relating to mature Christians.

I make it a priority to:

  1. Schedule at least one time a week for relaxation and/or family fun.
  2. Regularly schedule a time of relaxation/refreshment with my spouse or for me personally (if not married).
  3. Have a date with my spouse or personal time of relaxation and fun (if single) when I can schedule it.
  4. Have a full calendar of work related activities with little time for recreation, relaxation or family fun because my position requires that of me.

I perceive that the primary role of a pastor/leader would be to:

  1. Train and equip people to serve/minister.
  2. Preach the good news of Christ from the pulpit.
  3. Lead and administrate the work of the church.
  4. Care for the needs of the people.

I believe the style of worship for a church should be:

  1. Flexible to changing times and people.
  2. Set when the church first starts and changed only when the leadership changes.
  3. Traditional and match time-honored values.
  4. What the pastor/leader likes.

When I am in a group of Christians that are divided over an issue, I:

  1. Help them focus on what we are called to do.
  2. Serve as a referee to bring peace.
  3. Use the Bible to show the fault of their actions.
  4. Probably find myself choosing sides.

When I am overwhelmed with tasks to accomplish, I:

  1. Delegate jobs to others.
  2. Drop some less important tasks.
  3. Will ask for assistance only when the job would fail to be completed otherwise.
  4. Get frustrated and do the minimum.

Your Church Planter Potential Rating:

25-40 Points – Green Thumb, run – don’t walk – Contact us today about church planting!   15-24 Points – Explorer, you should definitely explore church planting further. You could be an excellent team member for a planting team.  0-14 Points – Investigator. Your gifts are suited for other ministry; you should continue to investigate the options with the leaders in your life.

YOUR TOTAL SCORE IS:________________