The PACIFIC REALM DISTRICT - IPHC Church Multiplication Initiative exists to assist the pastors and local congregations in effectively multiplying healthy new churches to meet the needs of the wide variety of people within our DISTRICT and beyond. To facilitate this, we provide the following:

  • Skill competency assessments for potential church planters, helping
  • them highlight their strengths and the growth areas in need of further
  • development.
  • Training to qualified individuals who desire to plant a new church.
  • Supply a supportive, relationally driven coaching environment for
  • those seeking to develop new churches.
  • Resource our church planters with the best possible training and study
  • materials available.
  • Facilitate prayer support for church planters and their new
  • congregations.

To facilitate healthy planting we have developed a Four Phase process that details the essentials in planting a church with the PACIFIC REALM DISTRICT - IPHC. This process is designed to provide assessment, training, and relational support to church planters. It is a running track that can be entered at various points depending on the needs and experience of the new church developer. The process detailed is as follows:

Church Planter Selection and Support Process

Phase One: 

Application/Pre-assessment Phase: Potential Church Planter is sent PRD Info brochure and church planting application with pre-assessment Paper Tools.

Phase Two:

Assessment Phase: Potential planter and spouse (if married) undergoes church planting assessment interview.

Phase Three:

Decision and Debriefing Phase: After the assessment interview, a report is generated and a recommendation submitted to the District Director. A debriefing by telephone or in person is conducted explaining decision made and rationale behind the decision as well as appropriate next steps.

Phase Four:

Preparation Phase: Once approved, the church planter is assigned a coach, attends Intensive Church Planter’s Training, and finally, submits a church planting proposal.


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